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Frequently Asked Questions

About Acupuncture, Cupping, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and West Seattle Acupuncture

  • Does acupuncture hurt?
    No, acupuncture is typically not painful. The stainless steel needles are incredibly fine (not like the needles used for vaccinations or sewing). Some people experience some light sensations associated with the needles, others don't even feel them at all. Many people find these sensations to be relaxing. Occasionally I will manipulate the needle to activate the qi in the meridian. This may elicit a sensation ranging from a light tingling to a momentary dull ache... depending on your body's qi.
  • How will acupuncture make me feel?
    The entire session is tailored to enable you to relax and heal. Many people fall asleep, most reach a state of deep relaxation. Sometimes you may feel a little bit of soreness after the session; this is perfectly normal and typically does not last longer than a day at most.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for an acupuncture treatment?
    Come to the session wearing loose clothing. Have some food in your stomach, because acupuncture can affect blood sugar, and be well hydrated (no alcohol before the session please). After your treatment, you will experience the best results if you can have a relaxing, quiet evening. Remain well hydrated, go to bed early if possible... allow your body the time and space it needs to get the most benefit from your session.
  • What is Moxa, and when is it recommended?
    Moxa is the use of the herb Mugwort, gently warmed over acupuncture points, with or without needles. This technique adds warmth to the meridians, which enhances the therapeutic affect of acupuncture. This approach is widely used in Chinese medicine.
  • How do you use Chinese herbs in your treatment?
    Chinese herbs are formulas—a combination of multiple ingredients—typically prescribed as an adjunct that patients can take at home to further enhance their healing process. I offer them in both pre-capped and powder form (which you can "cap up" yourself or brew as a tea).
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